Triethylene Glycol (TEG)

Triethylene glycol obtained from the reaction of ethylene oxide and DEG. It is a clear, transparent and odorless liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion.

Data Sheet

Characteristic Test Method Unit Value
Purity ASTM E -202 w% 97 MIN.
MEG Content ASTM E -202 w% 2 MAX.
TEG Content (T.TEG) ASTM E -202 w% 1 MAX.
Water ASTM E -203 w% 0.05 MAX.
Color ASTM D -1209 Pt-Co 25 MAX.
Acidity as Acetic Acid ASTM D -1613 w% 0.01 MAX
Ash DC-254/A ppm 50 MAX.
SP. GR (20/20°C) ASTM D- 891 1.124 – 1.126
Distillation @ 760 MM-HG
5-95 Vol % Range ASTM D-1078 °C 280-295


  • Resins
  • Synthesizing agents
  • Brake Fluids
  • In the formulation of printing ink
  • In the treatment of gases
  • In the formulation of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
  • In the formulation of cutting oils
  • In the formulation of surface polishers
  • In the formulation of agrochemicals
  • In the extraction of solvents
  • In the manufacture of pigmented pastes and putty for walls
  • In the synthesis of explosives


Bulk or in 220 Lit new drums, each 4 drums strapped on a pallet.


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea