Consulting Division

AIHG Consulting Division gathers years of experience from all divisions of the group as to assist local and International companies in conducting business in the Iranian Market

About The Consulting Division

AIHG Consulting Division is the newest addition to our group. Established in 2015, this company is offering consulting services specific to our group’s activities in the Iranian market. We are primarily offering services to the different divisions of the group consulting regarding strategy, new markets, innovation, human resources, etc. With years of experience in manufacturing, mining and trading, we have also established this division with the purpose of giving back. We have an expertise in industry and trade, and that’s what we concentrate our services on. We offer our vast network in these fields and our hands on experience. Whether you are looking to start a Joint Venture with a local company, start a green field project, or even need some market info, we can assist you all the way.

Who We Are

At AIHG Consulting our purpose in society is to assist people in improving their business by providing services they value more highly than their alternatives, and to do so responsibly and efficiently. We are committed to offering services that improve the world around us. The quality services that we provide help give insight and therefore build trust and confidence for our clients.

At AIHG, we put the utmost value on our people. We develop outstanding leaders with whom we can offer the quality that makes us who we are. We empower our people with the right skills and the right mindset allowing them to become exceptional leaders who can navigate the ever transformative business environment.

Our Services

Slide Market Insight A Market Data             Agenda
Market Research     Meeting Arrangements
Market Entry Strategy Business Plan
Feasibility Study
B C Strategy Implementation Company Set up             Legal Consulting
Human Resources         Financial Consulting
Management Services
General Services D Communication Assistance
Due Diligence
Evaluation & Negotiation

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