TG-640 S

Textile Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET Filament Grade is the most common form of textile PET material. One of the reasons for the increasing use of PET materials in the industry is their recyclability.

Data Sheet

Property Unit Value Method
Intrinsic Viscosity dL/gr 0.64±0.01 ISO 1628-5
Melting Point °C 255±3 ASTM D3418-3
TiO_2 Content wt% 0.3±0.05 WN-B010-7061E
Color (CIE Lab) L* ≥95 ASTM D6290-5
B* ≤3.5
DEG Content wt% 0.9-1.2 ASTM E2409-4
Carboxyl End Group mEq/Kg ≤32 ASTM D7409-7
Water Content wt% ≤0.3 ASTM D6869-3
Chips Weight g/100EA 2.4±0.1


1) Water content determined before packing.
2) Color determined after crystallization.
3) All presented parameters would be the average of lab results.


1100 Kg Jumbo Bags


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Semi dull polyester fibers and filaments