Sulfonic Acid

Sulfonic acid, Sulfocid-97 or LABSA is a viscous brown liquid. Sulfocid can be used to make both liquid and dry products. It is an effective surfactant in acidic environments. Sulfocid contains a minimum of sulfuric acid and upon neutralization produces material with little salt, light color and low odor, allowing wide latitude in formulations.

Data Sheet

Properties Value
Active Matter 97±1
Unsulfated Matter Max 2%
Sulfuric Acid Max 1.8%
Color (Klett) Max 70
Water Water


  • Laundry
  • Car/truck wash
  • Emulsion breaker for oil fields
  • Dishwashing liquids
  • Hard surface care
  • Heavy duty cleaning
  • Latex manufacture
  • Oil dispersants
  • Textile scouring


220 Kgs/HDPE drum


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea