SD0150 is one of the styrenic ter polymers (ABS) grades with improved toughness versus HIPS grade. SD0150 exhibits low shrinkage and good dimensional stability. SD0150 is widely used in general injection molding applications.

Data Sheet

Property Unit Test Method Typical Value
Melt Flow Index (200°C/5Kg) g/10 min ASTM D1238 1.8
Izod Impact Strength Kj/m2 ASTM D256 22
Vicat Softening Point (50 N Load) °C ASTM D1525 98
Bulk Density Kg//m3 600
Tensile Strength at Yeild Kgf/cm2 ASTM D638 450
Rockwell Hradness (at 23°C) R.Scale ASTM D785 105

*All above mentioned data are typical values and not to be construed as real specifications. Users should confirm results by their own tests.


1375 Kg bags (55*25 Kg Bags)


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Furniture
  • Automotive Parts
  • General Injection Molding
  • Appliances Casing
  • Office Supplies