Portland Pozzolana Cement

Its most significant specification is the relatively higher chemical strength. This type of cement has been recommended for environments with the risk of sulfate and chlorine attacks. The strength growth rate of this type of cement is lower than cement type 2 and 5, but the strength loss is compensated in long-term. Concrete curing conditions need more time in comparison with the Portland cement type 2 and 5.

Data Sheet

Chemical Analysis
Component Result Requirements
Loss on ignition 24.0%
SiO2 6.2%
Al₂O₃ 3.6%
Fe2O3 59.6%
CaO 1.8% Max: 5
MgO 2.5% Max: 4
SO3 0.03% Max: 0.1
Insoluble Residue 1.50%
Free CaO 1.0%
Alkalis(Na2O%+0.658 K2O%)
C4AF (cm2/g)3200 Min: 3000


  • Sack bag
  • Pallet bag
  • Jumbo bag
  • Bulk


  • Land
  • Rail
  • Sea


  • Hydraulic structures
  • Marine structures
  • Construction near the sea shore
  • Dam construction
  • Pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete members
  • Masonry mortars and plastering
  • Decorative and art structures
  • Manufacture of precast sewage pipes
  • Under harsh concreting conditions