Portland Cement Type 5

This type of cement has good strength against sulfate attacks; it is suitable for places where soil and underground water is high in sulfate . So the designations for Type V cement focus on keeping the C3A content low. Also alkali content of type 5 cement is low (in terms of sodium oxide equivalent is approximately %0.8); it is preferred in environments with the risk of damaging reaction of silica and alkali.

Data Sheet

Component Result Requirements
Loss on ignition 1.30%
SiO2 21.69%
Al₂O₃ 3.81%
Fe2O3 4.26%
CaO 63.66%
MgO 2.00% Max: 5
SO3 2.10% Max: 2.3
Insoluble Residue 0.50% Max: 0.75
Free CaO 1.0%
Alkalis(Na2O%+0.658 K2O%) 0.90%
C3S 56.4%
C2S 19.7%
C3A 2.9% Max: 5.0
C4AF 13.0%


  • Sack bag
  • Pallet bag
  • Jumbo bag
  • Bulk


  • Land
  • Rail
  • Sea


  • In special construction where high sulfate resistance is required
  • Sewerage piping system
  • Draining channel
  • Water container
  • In special construction where low heat of hydration is important
  • In high sulfate soil and underground water