Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline , Soft Paraffin or Petrolatum) is a mixture of refined semi-solid hydrocarbons. It is translucent, devoid of taste and smell. Our Petroleum jelly is available in a vast range of penetration and color complying with USP/BP pharmacopeia.

Data Sheet

Penetration (0.1 mm) Color (LOVIBOND) Characteristic
ASTM D937 IP-17 2″Cell
Method A
175-195 Max 0.7Y PJP140
150-160 Max 0.7Y PJP150
140-160 Max 0.7Y PJP160
110-160 Max 0.7Y PJP170
140-160 Max 0.7Y PJP180
175-195 Max 1.1Y PJP200
150-170 Max 1.1Y PJP210
140-160 Max 1.1Y PJP220
110-145 Max 1.1Y PJP230
140-160 Max 1.1Y PJP240
150-170 Max 1.1Y PJP400


  • 55 Kg net in new iron open-mouth drum
  • 170 Kg net in new iron open-mouth drum
  • 175 Kg net in new iron open-mouth drum


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


Petroleum jelly is used as raw material for producing of pharmaceutical ointments and cosmetic creams