LL0209AA is linear low density polyethylene copolymer containing butene-1(C4) as co monomer. This grade available in the form of granules. It is suitable for blending with conventional LDPE. Film made from pure LL0209AA has the following advantages over LDPE: better sealing, higher puncture resistance, greater drawdown ability and higher tensile strength. This grade has food contact approval.

Data Sheet

Property Typical Value Test Method Unit
Melt Flow Index
(190◦C 2.16Kg)
0.9 ASTM D-1238 g/10min
Density 0.921 ASTM D-1505 gr/cm 3
VICAT Softening Point 105 ASTM D-1525 °C


Dart Drop Impact Method A GR ASTM D-1709 140
Tensile Stress at Yield MD/TD MPA ASTM D-882 10/11
Tensile Stress at Break MD/TD MPA ASTM D-882 41/32
Elongation at Break MD/TD % ASTM D-882 620/840
Haze % ASTM D-1003 12
Gloss(45°) ASTM D-2457 56

*All above mentioned data are typical values and not to be construed as real specifications. Users should confirm results by their own tests. For more information about guaranteed items, please refer to S.S.S. (Standard Sales Specifications)
**38µm film, 2.5:1 blow up ratio, 225°c melt temperature MD: Machine Direction, TD: Transverse Direction Grade Suffix (Additives Indication) AA: GENERAL ANTIOXIDANT


1375 Kg Bag per pallet (55*25kg bags)


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Green house film
  • Silage film
  • Hand bags
  • General purpose film applications