LFI2119 is a low-density polyethylene, with excellent optical properties. This grade offers very good optical properties, good toughness, good melt strength high output and excellent drawdown and specially designed for general-purpose thin films. It appears as pellet form. It contains no slip agent, antiblock but it contains antioxidant. LFI2119 has been manufactured under SABTEC licensed technology.

Data Sheet

Typical Properties Typical Value1 Unit Test Method


MFI (190 °C /2.16 Kg) 1.9 dg/min ISO 1133
Density2 921 kg/m 3 ISO 1183 (A)

Mechanica 3

Impact Strength 26 kJ/m ASTM D4272
Tear Strength (TD) 25 kN/m ISO 6383-2
Tear Strength (MD) 60 kN/m ISO 6383-2
Yield Stress (TD) 11 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Yield Stress (MD) 13 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Tensile Stress at Break (TD) 20 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Tensile Stress at Break (MD) 35 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Strain at Break (TD) > 500 % ISO 527-1,3
Strain at Break (MD) > 150 % ISO 527-1,3
Modulus of Elasticity (TD) 200 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Modulus of Elasticity (MD) 190 MPa ISO 527-1,3
Coefficient of Friction >1 ASTM D1894
Blocking 20 g ASTM D3354
Re-blocking 100 g SABTEC method


Haze 9 % ASTM D1003 A
Gloss (45°) 55 GU ASTM D2457

Recommended Process Conditions 4

Extruder temperature profile: 165-185°C Blow up ratio: 2-3
film thickness: 20-50 μm

1.Typical values: these are not to be construed as specifications.
2.The density parameter was determined on compression-molded specimens, which were prepared in accordance with procedure C of ASTM D4703, Annex A1.
3.Properties are based on 25 μm blown film produced at a melt temperature of 170°C and 3 BUR using 100% LFI2119.
4.Please note that, these processing conditions are recommended by producer only for 100% LFI2119 resin (not in the case of blending with any other compatible material), but because of the many particular factors which are outside our knowledge and control, and may affect the use of product, no warranty is given.


25 Kg Bags


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Blown film extrusion
  • Packaging film
  • General lamination film