HBM5510 is a high density polyethylene, specially developed for large blow molding parts. It appears as pellet form. It contains no slip agent, antiblock and processing aid but it contains antioxidant. This grade offer high stiffness, good process ability and good ESCR. HBM5510 has been manufactured under Basell license.

Data Sheet

Typical Properties Typical Value 1 Unit Test Method
High Load Melt Flow Index
(190 °C/ 21.6 kg)
10 g/10 min ISO 1133
Density 2 0.955 g/Cm 3 ISO 1183
Bulk Density > 0.50 g/Cm 3 ISO 60
Mechanical 3
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 1100 MPa ISO 527-1, -2
Tensile Stress at Yield 27 MPa ISO 527-1, -2
Tensile Strain at Yield 8 % ISO 527-1, -2
Tensile Impact Strength

(Notched, Type 1, Method A, -30oC)

135 kJ/m 2 ISO 8256
Ball Indentation Hardness 49 MPa ISO 2039-1
ESCR 90 hr Basell method
Recommended Process Conditions 4
Extruder Barrel Temperature: 180-220 °C Melt Temperature: 200-235 °C

1.Typical values: these are not to be construed as specifications.
2.The density parameter was determined on compression-molded specimens, which were prepared in accordance with procedure C of ASTM D4703, Annex A1.
3.Properties are based on compression-molded specimens, which were prepared in accordance with procedure B of ASTM D4703, Annex A1, using 100% HBM5510 resin.
4.Please note that, these processing conditions are recommended by manufacturer only for 100% HBM5510 resin (not in the case of blending with any other compatible material), therefore because of the many particular factors which are outside our current knowledge and control and may affect the use of product, no warranty is given for the foregoing data. Moreover, the specific recommendations for resin type and processing conditions can only be made when the end use, required properties and fabrication equipment are known


25 Kg Bags


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Large blow molding parts
  • Standard and lightweight Jerry cans