Electrode Paste

Electrode paste is produced from calcined petroleum coke (or calcined pitch coke), calcined anthracite, coal tar pitch and other additional materials.

Data Sheet

Fe <0.28% Si <0.25
Ash content 0.004% P 2-10%
Resistivity 10.0-15.0 V.M 55-90 uΩm
Density >1.98g/cm3 Real Density >1.46g/cm3
Extensibility >18mpa Compression Strength 6-20
Rupture Density >1.42g/cm3 Apparent Density >4.0


  • Bulk
  • Jumbo Bag
  • Pallet


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Usedfor the manufacture of carbon electrodes for electric arc furnaces designed for a production of various types of ferroalloys, and calcium carbide.