Data Sheet

Properties Unit Result Test Method
Density@15°C Kg/m3 970 max ASTM D1298
Kinematic Viscosity@50°C Cst 280 max ASTM D445
Viscosity Redwood 1 @37.7 °C Sec 2500 max Calculated
Pour Point °C 24 max ASTM D97
Flash Point °C 65 min ASTM D93
Sulphur Total wt% 3.5 max ASTM D1552
Carbon Residue (Conradson) wt% 15 max ASTM D189
Ash wt% 0.05 max ASTM D432
Water & Sediment Vol% 0.5 max ASTM D1796
Calorific Value (Higher) Mj/Kg 41.8 min ASTM D4868




  • Barrel
  • Tanker


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • Used as boiler fuel oil
  • In the preparation of distillate and residual lubricating oils
  • In cracking or hydrogenation processes for the manufacture of motor fuel (gasoline or diesel oil)
  • In the production of bitumen and coke, depending on its chemical composition and properties