Benzene is a clear, colorless, highly flammable and volatile, liquid aromatic hydrocarbon with a gasoline-like odor. Benzene is found in crude oils and as a by-product of oil-refining processes. In industry benzene is used as a solvent, as a chemical intermediate, and is used in the synthesis of numerous chemicals.

Data Sheet

Typical Test Unit Specification Test Method
Benzene wt% Min 99.9 ASTM D-4492
Non-Aromatic wt% wt% Max 0.08 ASTM D-4492
Toluene wt% wt% Max 0.02 ASTM D-4492
Specific Gravity at 15.56 °C/15.56°C Between 0.882 – 0.886 ASTM D-4052
Organic Chloride mg/kg Max 1.0 ASTM D-5808
Acidity mg NaOH/100ml No free acid ASTM D-847
Distillation Range °C Max 1.0 ASTM D-850
Total Nitrogen wt ppm Max 1.0 ASTM D-4629
Total Sulfur mg/kg Max 1.0 ASTM D-5453
Color (Pt-CO) Scale Max 10.0 ASTM D-1209
SO₂ / H₂S Content Free of H₂S/SO₂ ASTM D-853
Acid Wash Color Max 1.0 ASTM D-848
Copper Corrosion Pass with 1a ASTM D-849
Br.Index mg/100 gr Max 10.0 ASTM D-1492
Water content wt ppm Max 200 ASTM E-1064
Appearance Clear liquid at 18.3 – 25.6 °C Visual


Metal Tankers


  • Rail
  • Land
  • Sea


  • As a solvent
  • As an Intermediate / Production of rubber
  • As fuel
  • Printing Industry